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About me


First of all, thank you for taking a look at my work. I genuinely appreciate it :)

I'm Alizee. But you can call me Ali. I was born and raised in Paris, France. I am Franco-American and I now enjoy photographing the exotic beauty and the warm atmosphere of the State of Florida.


Things about me you need to know before we meet :


I am a  wife, a mother, a cat lover, and a wine taster.
Mountains, music, wildlife, outdoors, road trips, and traveling make me incredibly happy.

I'm always emotional when photographing my clients' weddings. I'll be tearing up watching you say "I do", please don't mind me.


I like to use natural light as much as I can and capture genuine /natural moments as much as can.


I love love LOVE to travel and work in different environments. It's very fulfilling for me.

I'm really quick to pack and you won't even see me.

I'll just be there capturing every moment!


Finally, I will do anything in my power to make you feel comfortable in front of my camera (I may offer to put on some music so you can dance with me).

The most important is to have fun! Always.



(561) 379 4377

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